Friday, September 23, 2016

Concussion and Skull Fracture

 So i had a not so pleasant weekend. Baby is fine FYI for everyone who is worried about the baby.

 Friday morning  09/16/2016 at work I was outside getting breakfast from the food truck, felt super dizzy and it wasn't getting better, went in to sit down in the food truck to rest, the lady gave me a cold water bottle i remember taking a sip and then feeling super hot and like tunnel vision. One of the guys that works with us asked me if i'm ok and i remember telling him yes i'll be fine and that is the last thing i remember. Next think i remember is waking up on the ground with coworkers around me and i was saying i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm gonna throw up and then throwing up right there.

It seems I fainted fell out of the truck and hit my head on the concrete floor (left side of my head). They called 911 and i Was transported to medical center of Arlington apparently i asked to be taken there cause that's where my OB is. They did a few CT scans and i was told i fractured a temporal bone, my cheek bone and the base of my skull and there was blood in my brain. They didn't feel they can deal with my facial fractures at that hospital so they transferred me that night to medical center of Plano where they have a level 1 trauma center. I wasn't too pleased at MC of Arlington, they didn't clean my scrapes and i had a few of them, the lack of communication was astounding and they didn't feed me till 6 p.m. cause they don't know if i'm gonna need surgery and i was there since 9 a.m. and when they did give me food it wasn't that good. I had a bruised jaw and can barely chew and they gave me salisbury steak and asparagus. Thank God there was some potatoes i could eat

Plano was much better. i didn't settle in there till 1 a.m. and doctors and nurses came in to check on me about every hour. The trauma doctor came in the morning and said i will repeat the CT scan to make sure the blood spots in my brain are not growing which would mean there is no active bleeding. And he said he reviewed my scans and my fractures are clean fractures meaning the bones didn't shift from their place and they should heal on their own. It will take a while but i won't need any surgeries. So I have Skull fractures, a concussion and a contusion. I have to take anti seizure medicine (keppra) for one month cause the part of my head that I hit is the threshold for seizures. I had several doctors come assess me, ENT, Speech, OBGYN, Internal Medicine, Neurosurgeon, Trauma and Physical Therapy and they all cleared me to go home. The food ordering system is different, they just give you a menu if you have no food restrictions and you call and order your own food like room service in a hotel. My blood pressure dropped a couple of times on Saturday to low 80s and they didn't like that so they kept an eye on me and it went back up to the high 90s later in the day.

The doctor said i can't go back to work till the 26th and my boss was really understanding with that. I was advised to minimize computer and phone screen time so i'm not staying on for more than an hour a day just to catch up with family and keep them updated. I'm sleeping a  lot which is good cause it allows my brain to heal. The neurosurgeon said to expect headaches for at least a month. I have to have an MRI before October 12 cause i have a follow up appointment then to assess how my brain is healing. 

Internal medicine thinks I had low blood pressure I was dehydrated and the heat outside didn't help and that caused the fainting episode. I called my OB to set up an appointment and the nurse said it's common to get dizzy and faint during pregnancy because of the extra blood in your system. I wish someone told me before i would have been more cautious. 

Our families were freaked out but we were able to calm them down when we explained what was going on and after they were able to speak to me and see that i'm ok first hand. A couple of friends from work were nice enough to let hubby know when i fell and to go with me and stay with me at the hospital till Jerry got there. All i remember is the terrified look on Irma's face when i looked at her before i was loaded in the ambulance. 

Also a couple of friends came to visit me on Plano and kept me company while hubby went home to shower and i'm so grateful for those visitors. I also received flowers and stuffed animals at the hospital and at the house. 

While in the hospital they did a couple of ultrasounds to check on the baby and i was told i have wheat's called placenta previa, so my placenta is blocking the baby's way out and if it doesn't move by the time the baby is due i will have to have a c-section no 2 ways about that. So i'm waiting to talk to my OB to see what that's about. 

We are worried about the baby because of all the CT scans i did and the MRI that i will have to do but these are not things i could have refused cause my life could have been in danger. So praying baby was ok through it all. 

Please keep me and the baby in your prayers so this pregnancy goes on without any more hiccups so we can enjoy this miracle that we've been waiting for.

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