Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Baby For The Shaffers - Up to Week 12

Blood test confirmed pregnancy on 7/15/2016
Firt Trimester End 09/06/2016
Estimated Due Date 03/21/2016

Friday July 15 - Blood test confirmed that we are pregnant. We are keeping the news in the family right now, only parents and siblings. I'm sure as the days go by we will expand to extended family and very close friends but i feel more comfortable waiting till the end of the first trimester to share on social media. I was really wanting to post everything in my Facebook group as it is happening but with all the uncertainties i only want to share the news once we pass the first hump. it's both my sister's and Jerry's sister's birthday today.

Friday July 22 - been having some pain on my left side, went to the doctor to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Did an ultrasound, everything looks good, was able to see 1 sac in the uterus with a fetal pole inside. There was also a second sac but it was empty, the technician said my body will just absorb it with tim. It was too early to detect heartbeat since I am only at 5 weeks 3 days today.

Monday July 25 - Tomorrow i will be 6 weeks pregnant and today major nausea kicked in, i had some lentil soup for lunch, couldn't eat my salad... didn't realize it then but this was to be the last good meal i have a for a few weeks.

Tuesday July 26 - Doctor called in a prescription of Zoran for me to help with the nausea and vomiting. Hubby is stocking up on Pedialite and gatorade as it seems i'm gonna be on a liquid diet for a while. Everything tastes the same and water tastes horrible.

Saturday July 30 - I barely have energy to shower and wash my hair so i got it cut shoulder length.

Wednesday July 27 - Still feeling like crap and getting dehydrated. Saw the doctor who sent me to the ER for IV fluids and some tests. Developed PAC (a heart glitch) because of dehydration, may stay throughout pregnancy or may get better, but it's not life threatening.

Tuesday August 2 - My birthday and had the 7 week ultrasound appointment. Everything looks good and we were able to see a Fetal Heart Beat on the monitor, The heart rate was 129 (anything between 120 and 180 is good). Happy Birthday to Me.

Wednesday August 3 - Debbie from the Hannah support group brought me some homemade veggie soup today. Thank God for thoughtful friends.

Thursday August 5 - missed work cause i don't feel well at all. Lost about 7 pounds so far down to 90 lbs. The doctor is saying if i lose any more weight he will have to admit me to the hospital so he prescribed another medicine called Reglan that's supposed to speed up digestion that way food won't stay in my tummy long enough for me to puke it. My boss and my friend Irma got me some Boost and checked on me.

Friday August 6 - so far my food consists of bouillon soup, boiled potatoes, plain cereal, graham crackers, some grapes, bagels, ice popsicles, apple sauce, and cheese. My friend Paulina is bringing me some homemade soup today and cooked apples. I need more fiber in my food i'm suffering.

Saturday August 7 - Can't do much around the house, i go to work and stay as long as i can then come home and lay on the couch. Hubby has been having to fend for himself food wise and everything else around the house.

Friday August 12 - had an ultrasound and the baby is measuring right on track with a heart rate of 174 - started the payment plan with the doctor for the delivery, still taking both medications and now i'm only puking once a day. The Raglan really helps, i take a pill half an hour before i eat and the food stays in my tummy. I'm still only eating bland foods but at least i'm keeping what i eat. Hubby and i have been sleeping in separate rooms since all this sickness started. I go to bed around 8 pm and i wake up several times at night so i didn't want to disrupt his sleep. We don't need 2 zombies around the house. My boss has been quite understanding and supportive in all this. Ive had to use a couple sick days and a vacation day to rest and recover. I think i pretty much used up most of my vacation days with IVF this year.

Friday August 19 - Today i'm 9 weeks 3 days and i'm having more good days than not. Had a doctor appointment today, my first official OB appointment. The doctor used a doppler and I was able to finally hear the baby's heart beat for the first time, it was so fast, the heart rate was 172. We discussed my food, my weight and he feels i may be able to get off the meds in a few weeks as long as i up my water intake and stay hydrated. I've been only able to drink maybe 30 oz of water a day and he wants it closer to 60 oz. All my test results came back from last week and it all looks good; not anemic, no infections, progesterone levels are good. Next appointnemt in a couple of weeks for more blood tests.

Tuesday August 23 - I've been having a couple of good days and not having to wake up to take the zofran at night I thought i would give it a try and skip the zofran for a day; turned out to be not such a good idea. I was doing ok during the day and then by 5 pm on the way home it all went south, I got sick twice, had to take the zofran and the Reglan and I was still nauseous throughout the night till next morning. Woke up with a headache and nausea hasn't eased up. It's gonna be one of those Wednesdays.

Wednesday August 24 - one of the bad days for sickness today. Was nauseated all day. Got sick before I left work and it made me feel all shaky and my heart was racing all through the evening. Took my pills and went to bed after my progesterone shot. 

Friday August 26 - Today I'm gonna start a new medication that's specifically for pregnancy sickness called Diclegis, it's basically a combo of vitamin B6 and Unisom in a time released capsule. they want me to start with 2 capsules at bed time and see how I fair the next day. If that doesn't work I can add 1 additional pill mid morning for a couple of days and if I'm still sick I can add 1 more pill mid afternoon. The maximum dose is 4 pills in 24 hours. The only side effect I'm worried about is the unisom part cause it could make one drowsy and sleepy (it's good at night but not so good during the day). 

Sunday August 28 - Jerry and I had quiet the scare tonight. I bled. I panicked. I puked. We called my doctor's emergency number all they said is to rest and as long as I'm not bleeding to soak a pad an hour to not stress and call the office in the morning to be seen. Needless to say I had a crappy night I woke up every hour to make sure I'm not still bleeding and when I slept that's all I dreamt about. Jerry checked on me about 3 times throughout the night. He's just as worried as I am. Off the doctor in the morning to see what happened and hopefully hear the heartbeat of the baby and make sure everything is ok.

Bleeding with ivf seems to be the norm reading through some of the comments from our Facebook group but it still unnerving.

Monday August 29 - Call the doctor he's in surgeries all day and since bleeding has stopped they scheduled me for an ultrasound tomorrow.

Tuesday August 30 - ultrasound was good, was able to see the baby move and wiggle around and the heartbeat was at 153. Everything looked normal. The placenta has formed, it's anterior, which will make feeling the baby kick and move much harder but it makes no difference for the baby. The doctor's theory is it could be hormones or the placenta attaching that caused the bleed but he didn't see any cause for concern. Next appointment 9/13 for NT scan.

Sunday September 4 - apparently there's another symptom of pregnancy called Dysgeusia where you always have a bad taste in your mouth that persists even when you're not eating. It doesn't matter if you brush your teeth or drink lots of water it's still there. I'm trying to eat some life savers to change the taste but I don't want to eat too much sugar either. 

The good news is 2 more days and I can stop the progesterone shots and the Estrogene patches cause I will officially be 12 weeks.

Tuesday September 6 - today is the last progesterone shot.
Can't believe we made it to 12 weeks. It's like living in a dream. 

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