Monday, May 30, 2016

San Antonio May 2016

Hubby and i have never been to San Antonio even though we've lived in Texas for quiet a few years and so we decided to take a short weekend trip to see what it's all about. We did enjoy our trip and enjoyed the River Walk, the food and the History. My only plan for this visit was to tour the Alamo and we were able to do that on Sunday.

I don't know if the homelessness issue in the downtown area is a new thing or it's been going on for a while but no one mentioned the homelessness problem nor the boarded up shops with no end in sight. There were a few streets where all the tourists gather such as Commerce, Houston, Saint Mary's, Alamo Street but there were also many more streets where there were 0 shops open and the buildings seemed abandoned and run down.

We got to San Antonio on Saturday afternoon after a drive highlighted by us sitting in traffic for a an extra hour due to road closures. It was pretty humid on Saturday but very tolerable and despite the rain on Sunday and Monday mornings the weather stayed pleasant.

Here are a few photos from our visit. Let me know how your San Antonio experiences have been.

And here are a few that i took with my phone.

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