Monday, December 14, 2015

Dottie Angel FrockAlong

The minute i saw Simplicity 1080 Dottie Angel pattern i wanted to make it and it was perfect timing when my friend tagged me in a post on instagram for a sew along hosted by the wonderful Cassandra Madge and Jess at Scrappy-N-Happy. I was in.

Honestly it wasn't a hard garment to sew but i will definitely make changes on the next one. 

First of all i will probably lose the ties, for me it made the dress feel like an apron a bit and sitting in an office chair all the day the knot in the back would not be very comfortable. I will probably use elastic thread to gather the back. 

I needed to have 2.5 continuous yards to be able to cut View A and i didn't so i ended up cutting view B which turned out to be a short dress for me instead of a top. I just used bias tape on the hem instead of folding it in and sewing it in order not to lose any of the length. I also need to make the shoulders narrower for next time, Jess has a great tip for that.

To finish the neckline the pattern asks you to fold it enough to have an extra 1/8" of fabric folded too, i did not do that because on me the cleavage was already bigger than what i would have liked it to be, i just folded it right to the edge of the bias tape. The neckline is still flaring out a  little, i will figure something different for next time.

I did not put bias tape around the pockets, i just lined them and turned them inside out. 

I wonder if there's a way to just line the top section of the dress to avoid all this bias tape, kinda like i do kids dresses, i will have to look into that option too.

Here's my finished dress. I need to buy some non static spray or start making myself a slip to wear it under dresses and skirts to avoid it riding up when i'm wearing it with leggings.

I definitely see more of these dresses in my future. 


  1. So Cute - love it! I agree and I am contemplating unpicking the ties and letting it hang free. Looks great with leggings and denim jacket. Summer here in Oz and it is nice to just wear as is.

  2. Your frock is so cute! Thank you for sewing with us!

  3. Great choice of fabrics, this Dottie looks lovely. Enjoy wearing it.