Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Updates - Updates - Updates

i've been away from the blog for a while sewing and selling and sewing and selling some more. So i will just post a collection of photos of what i have been working on and update about the fundraiser.

Fundraiser wise - we are so so close to the 10 thousand dollars goal - even though the fundraiser page doesn't really reflect it but i've been selling a lot of stuff, we've been saving money and have had some offline donations, so we are very hopeful that we will meet our goal that we've set up for the fundraiser. Keep in mind that the procedure alone will cost $12,500 so even if we keep getting contributions and keep selling sewn items beyond the 10K goal that would be help us borrow less money towards the procedure when it comes time next year. I can't believe next year is basically 3 months away. if nothing else please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes well.

On to the sewing projects; here are some pics, if you need more info you can also always visit and share my Facebook page Sew In Full Bloom.

Also we are fundraising through Just Love Coffee if you are a coffees tinker you should try their coffees through this link, i heard they have really really good flavors. And i was asked to participate/help at a local craft fair where i hope i will sell more of my finished projects and raise some more funds for our  procedure.

So this is where i have been :) what about you?

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  1. Your items look great. Thanks for fundraising through Just Love Coffee too. Keep up the great work you're doing.