Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fertility Coaching Session

Seeing that occasionaly  I have free time  I'm always trying to find some way to get us better prepared for the journey ahead. That's how I found The Fertility Focus Tele summit as well as other support and educational resources. I also found Kristen Darcy, infertility coach and a great inspiration. We scheduled a Skype session to see if there are ways she could help our journey further along. It was such a pleasure talking to her. The Skype session went close to 40 minutes and we talked a little bit about where hubby and i currently are in our plans and what our goals are for our family. I was glad that every time she asked me a question i had an answer for it, it made me realize that we are more prepared than i give us credit for and that we really understand our choices.

Kristen informed me that someone offered us through her legal counseling if we need it and i may take her up on her offer. Also she gave me some interesting links to go through for grants, online pharmacies and a story of someone in a similar situation.

Talking to her about the different options we tried before getting where we are today reminded me that i never made a vlog to give closure to our Foster to Adopt videos on youtube, even though i promised my friends that i would; i should get to that sometime soon.  

Other than that everything seems to be on track to hopefully start next January. I go for my annual checkup in December and once i get clearance from him and remind him that he promised to do all my local monitoring and testing we should be able to start the paperwork.

I know it seems a bit early but before you know it Thanksgiving will be here, then Christmas and then it's a new year ahead of us.

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