Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rit Dye

II have this beautiful white top that i love and that I've owned for years but lately it hasn't been as white as i would like it to be, it's gotten some yellowish spots and I was debating keeping it or throwing it away when I decided *light bulb* I could just dye it. 

I used Rit liquid dye golden yellow, the instructions say mix half the bottle with 3 gallons of hot water but I put half the bottle in a mixing bowl full of water. I didn't boil water but our tap water gets really hot in the laundry room then I sat there with my laptop watching youtube videos for about an hour and stirring the  shirt in the dye. It also says to make sure your fabric is wet before you dye it. 

While watching youtube videos about how to dye clothes someone said adding salt gives the colors a more vibrant hint so I added salt midway through the process. I gotta say I love how the top turned out, I may be doing this more often. 

After finishing the dye process I rinsed rinsed rinsed till the water ran clear then put it in the wash on the gentle cycle in cold water with a tiny bit of liquid detergent and that's it. I didn't use gloves throughout the process but I'm using a light color so there was no threat of staining everything some horrible bloody color but I'll probably  use gloves for darker colors. 

Here is the result!! 

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