Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fundraiser / Sewing Update

in an effort to raise more money i'm making some zipper pouches that i will be selling, and i wanted to share some photos. They're pretty roomy, you can fit a phone, small wallet and some makeup :) for a fun outing.  The prices are going to be $15 or $20 depending on the fabrics. I will also be shipping if anyone needs me to do so. I'm not ready to sell them yet, i want to have just  a little bit of inventory so my friends could have a few to choose from. They're really good quality, made with designer fabrics, lined and i'm putting little charms on the zippers. The only special requests i'm taking is general colors. I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks i will have a dozen or 2 to share (i still have a full time job and all the sewing is happening in the evenings or over the weekend).

I will of course ask you guys to share once i'm ready to sell them.

Thank you all for the continuous support and encouragement.

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