Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meals in Minutes Week 02 - Super-Fast Beef Hash, baked Potatoes, Goddess Salad and Lovely Butter Beans & Bacon

Hubby and i went through the Meals in Minutes cookbook again and decided to randomly select recipes. I'm not sure if the book is planned out the way it is purposefully or not but there's about 6 pasta recipes back to back and i rather not eat pasta every sunday for a month.

I like this week's recipes way better than what we had last week. Everything was delicious. The beans had smoked bacon in them which made all the flavors stand out and taste so bacony. Hubby was a little unsure of the salad dressing but he ended up liking it. The dressing was made of sour cream, avocados and lemon juice; i know a couple of friends who would be proud of me for venturing out and incorporating sour cream in my foods.

i would rate this meal a solid 8 and the only reason it's not a 10 is because i believe the beef to veggies ratio in the beef hash was a little off, there's too much meat for my taste that's all.

I'm sure some of the future meals may be a little more expensive than this one but i'd like to mention that it basically cost way less than what it would cost for 2 people to go out to dinner. We even have leftovers to pack lunch for work.

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