Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Angel Tree - Christmas

This year for Christmas I wanted to do something nice for somebody else and who better than an innocent child. I could have just donated some money or bought toys for Toys For Tots like every year but I wanted something more meaningful. I decided to auction one of the blankets I've made and use the money to buy gifts for a kiddo from the Angel Tree. This year I started a little late so I'll plan it better next year, maybe I'll make a Christmas blanket and auction it early around thanksgiving. 

Anyhow one of my friends was kind and generous enough to take part in my little adventure and she bid on and purchased my blanket.

Hubby and I went to the local mall to pick an Angel card to purchase presents for and it was sad for me too see that the only kiddos left on the tree were boys between the ages of 11 and 13. It seems people were more interested in purchasing gifts for the little toddlers but not so much for the pre-teens boys. 11 years olds are still kids and deserve as good a Christmas as a 3 year old does.

All kids had one thing in common they all wanted MP3 players ... kids!!  Our kid, 11 years old, needed tennis shoes and wanted an MP3 player and he got both. I wish I could have gotten him an iPod but this year it wasn't in the budget so I got a generic brand. I really hope he likes the shoes cause I have no experience in shopping for pre-teens.

I want to make this an annual thing and maybe some day buy for more than one child. Merry Christmas y'all and hope everyone has a blessed Christmas.

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