Monday, November 10, 2014

Oblivious People

Browsing on Instagram I came across this picture with the caption "I love sinks like this"

it's an ok sink, seems pretty old. What irritated me is the comments about the wall, people were commenting with oh I love this wall, I love the distressed look, my favorite part is the peeling wall, on and on... I gotta tell you I grew up in a house with that kind of walls, we couldn't afford to paint the walls so my mom put curtains on almost all the walls. It's not really art when that's your reality. I hated bringing friends over cause I was ashamed of what they may say about our peeling walls. Some people today need a smack on the head, they need to get out of their little "privileged life" bubble and realize there are people who live like this day in day out. Not everything old is "vintage" and not everything that's falling apart is distressed. The double standard is unbelievable, It's "vintage" when it's in a rich person's house and it's depressing when it's in a poor person's house.  

Rant Over. 

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