Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hidden Valley Dairy

Even though Eastern medicine says to stay away from dairy products because it could hurt your Qi from what i've read recently is they do encourage you to drink raw milk.  Unpasteurized milk still contains all its enzymes and these enzymes help our body better digest milk and better metabolize its nutrients. About a year ago we bought raw cow milk to try it out, honestly i couldn't get over the pasture smell that came along with the milk so cow was out of the question. 

Recently one of the podcasts i listen to mentioned a shake made with raw milk, raw egg, raw honey, cinnamon and ginger to help the reproductive system, it didn't specify it had to be cow milk  and since all the food choices i make i do so based on one thing only and that is if it will be beneficial to our quest of having a baby i went online and did some research and found a goat farm a little more than 35 miles from our house, Hidden Valley Dairy . We visited the farm this weekend and purchased some raw goat milk, fresh eggs and raw honey. Honestly the milk tasted awesome. I made my shake this morning, even though i was scared of how raw eggs would taste like i have to say the cinnamon and honey made the shake taste really good, you couldn't event ell there was a raw egg in it. I'm loving the sweetness of fresh raw goat milk. We will definitely be buying raw goat milk from now on, hopefully next time they'll have some cheese that we can purchase as well. 

Since i'm talking health updates i have to mention that in one of my previous posts i had written that a year ago i went to a nutritionist to see how i can gain some healthy weight and i had given myself a goal to get to a 100 lb. by christmas of last year.  Last year was a bust but it seems that this year i'm definitely going to make it, i'm currently at 99.5 lb. and hope to stay on that track till the end of the year. 

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