Saturday, February 22, 2014

Uncomplicated Quilts

Ever since i started making quilts and blankets my friends and family have been encouraging me non stop to maybe consider starting an Etsy shop to sell some of the items i make. Since i don't have any children of my own yet i have been making blankets and technically hoarding them since i'm in love with the fabrics and i don't want to part with these beauties.

This morning i woke up and felt at ease with the decision of parting with a few of the blankets/quilts i've made in the last few months... i now have an Etsy store called Uncomplicated Quilts. I don't have many items listed on there since these 3 are the only ones i'm willing to let go for now but i think it's a good start. I'm not really in it to make money, i'm just going to focus on recouping the costs of the fabrics so i can make some more quilts.

Wish me Luck!!!

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