Friday, February 7, 2014

Things I learned through infertility

1- never say never because you don't know how you're gonna feel about any of the treatment options offered till you are in that decision making moment. i never thought i will give myself shots but i did.

2- prepare to spend money, a lot of it. It adds up. Doctors, procedures, prescription medications, shots, supplements, acupuncture sessions, chiropractors, therapy, retreats, alternative medicine... You get the drift. 

3- you will have to work hard to maintain friendships and sometimes despite your hard work some friendships will still be lost as collateral damage. You may not fit with the mommy groups, or the pregnant groups, or the trying groups, or the waiting on results group, some days the fact is you are on your own. 

4- social media is not your friend. It's ok to take a break and you don't have to feel like you should be explaining yourself to anyone.

5- some people will never get why you are making such a big fuss over having a baby.  Don't try to make them understand, it's useless. 

6- men and women deal with fertility issues differently. Accept it. A vast majority of them will truly be fulfilled with having just you in their lives but they will go through hell because they love you. 

7- it is possible to over-share, be sure you and your partner are on the same page as to what you want to share with whom. 

8- do whatever you can to stay optimistic and keep your sanity, yoga, hobbies, meditation, shopping... 

9- try to not buy into the saying hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I say hope for the best and prepare for the best. I want positivity to be my only choice. 

10- take everything people tell you with a grain of salt. People will keep telling you things like you should stop trying when you're 40; or I know this couple who adopted and suddenly they got pregnant; or go on vacation; or don't think about it!!! Instead of rolling your eyes at them just smile and change the subject. 

11- support will come from unexpected places, be open minded. 

12- some days YOU need to be The Strong One 

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