Monday, December 23, 2013

MTHFR - a little something about a common genetic mutation that i have

Whenever we talk about genetics keep in mind that all our genetic material come from our parents, half from mom and half from dad. The MTHFR is a gene that has been identified and that can have several mutations, the most common ones are the C667T and A1298C, these are specific mutations within the protein produced from the gene.

At the C667 location on the gene a "normal" person would get a C from both parents, a heterozygous mutation means you got a C from one parent and a T from the other. A Homozygous mutation would be a T/T, one T from each parent. Same for the A1298 mutation. I have the A1298C, Homozygous, which means i got two copies one from each parent... Yeyyyyy!! Not!

Having either one of these mutations means that your body does not process B vitamins, specially folic acid (which is a synthetic folate), properly.  It doesn't mean  i need to get more folic acid because the synthetic folate will just sit in my body unprocessed and can cause inflammation and other issues; This diagnosis means i need a different form of B Vitamins for my body to be able to absorb it.

Folate deficiency can be correlated with many issues and to list just a few:

Frequent Miscarriages
Male and Female Infertility
Parkinson's Disease
Breast Cancer

Some people call it the mother (bad word) gene.

My Dr said that the C667 mutation is way worst than the one i have cause that's the one that can cause strokes and blood clotting. Also from what i read if you have that mutation you should not be eating any gluten or dairy products from cows, so more or less a strict Paleo diet.

But still not being able to process B vitamins is a big deal. My Dr prescribed a super folic acid (4 times the regular folic acid) called Folgard which i'm not crazy about using since it's still a synthetic folate and i will NOT be getting that prescription. I'm either going to make him change it to Metanx which contains the active forms of the B vitamins or i will be buying my supplements from

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