Thursday, October 10, 2013

Which is Better to Jump in? - NaBloPoMo

A Pile of Leaves vs A Puddle of Water

Looking through my pictures i couldn't find any photos of myself jumping in a pile of leaves but i did find this one below of me playing in a water puddle. So i will safely conclude that i'd rather play in a water puddle than jump in a pile of leaves.

I'm not sure if the question was supposed to be something a little more philosophical about life, and what the pile of leaves or water puddle represents to me and my experiences but honestly i can't find any energy in me today to ponder upon such deep topics... meanwhile here's a picture of my boots. 


  1. I like to splash on puddles too. Good post. ~Melissa

  2. I want those boots! I also found some on amazon that were bright original yellow like ones that come on teddy bears! I wanted those too!