Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No One Likes to Fail - NaBloPoMo

Today's prompt is do you Embrace Failure? Oprah Winfrey said "so go ahead. Fall down. The world looks different from the ground".

As i said in my title, no one likes to fail. We humans have come to believe that we are able to achieve anything and everything we set our minds to and we are passing along this over confidence to the future generations. We are baby proofing Life, which is somewhat an impossible thing to do. Children need to experience failure so they can build their self esteem and learn from their mistakes. Stope doing their homework, stop holding their hands at every step of their lives and stop tying their shoes when you see them struggling; just show them what to do and trust that they are more than able to handle it.

Failure in general is a learning curve. At least when we fail while doing something we learn a new way not to do it and try to figure out different ways to achieve our goals.

Failure is something we encounter throughout  our lives and it is stressful. I am scared of trying new things because i am afraid of failing. I don't know how to swim properly, i don't know how to ride a bicycle, i don't know how to roller or ice skate... yeah yeah yeah there's a lot i don't know how to do because i grew up during the war but i have the opportunity to learn all of these skills now and i'm afraid of failing so i don't. I need to overcome my fear of failure and rather than seeing it as an obstacle i should see it as a chance at a new exciting experience. I'll let you know how that goes.

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