Monday, October 7, 2013

If i Were an Apple - NaBloPoMo

English Nursery Rhyme 

If i were an apple and grew on a tree
I think i'd drop down on a nice boy like me.
I wouldn't stay there giving no one any joy--
i'd fall down at once and say "eat me, my boy".

Lebanese Apple Tree - 2013

If i were an apple what type of an apple would i be? That is the question. My problem with this question is that apples are not big on my list; having to eat apples almost every day in boarding school i swore off apples the minute we were out of there. I don't hate them i just don't think they're a particularly delicious fruit. 

I googled "types of apples" and it seems there are over 40 types of American apple varieties. Say what? Who needs that many varieties? seriously? I would understand 5 to 10 maybe, but over 40? and that's only in America. Apparently the variety of apples came to be because an apple tree won't produce the same kind of apples as its parents and that resulted in over 7,000 kinds of knows apples. Modern apple trees are reproduced with rootstock grafting to ensure the continuing line of varieties that people know and love.

So to name a few, you've got: Ambrosia, Arkansas Black, Baldwin, Empire, Fuji, Golden, Granny Smith, Jazz, Jubilee, McIntosh, Paula Red and Pink Lady.

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The colors range from, yellow to red to orange to green and the flavors anywhere from sweet to tart. I do think apples are beautiful looking fruits, i prefer the red colored ones for sure, they're definitely visually more pleasing to the eye than the green ones in my opinion. If i had to choose what type of apple i would be i would definitely not be a sour or tart apple; reading about apples i found out there are banana apples that taste exactly like a banana; i've never seen any around here in Texas but that would be my apple of choice since bananas are my favorite fruits.


  1. Oooh, I want to be a pink crisp! To me there are few things worse than a mushy apple. I want to be able to hear someone bite it from another room in the house. Great taste, perfect balance between smooth and tart and really pretty too! :)

  2. good post. Lots of apples to choose from. Have a great day. ~Melissa