Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Celebrations and Dress Up - NaBloPoMo

Growing up we didn't celebrate Halloween the American style, however we celebrated a similar Holiday call Eid El Barbara (Barr-bah-rah) and i will share with you a little about that Holiday.

Eid El Barbara is celebrated in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine by Arab Christians annually on December 4th. The traditional food for the Barbara is boiled wheat with pomegranate, seeds, nuts, raisins, anise, cinnamon, flower water and sugar, it's offered to either masquerading children or to visitors/friends. Children go trick or treating but they mostly expected to get money not candy.  

You also can get a lot of sweets specially made for this holiday like Qatayef, which are pancakes like dough filled with kashta, walnut/almond/sugar mix.

and Maacaroun which can be baked or fried then soaked in sugary syrup.

The belief among Lebanese Christians is that Sainte Barbara disguised herself in numerous characters to escape from the romans who were persecuting her.  The story goes when Sainte Barbara was fleeing she ran through freshly planted wheat fields which grew instantly to cover her path. This miracle is recreated symbolically nowadays by planting wheat seeds, or chick peas, lentils or beans in cotton wool on Sainte Barbara's feast day. The seeds germinate and grow in time for christmas, then the sprouts are used to decorate the nativity scene placed beneath the Christmas Tree.

I personally never went trick or treating, i was always scared of the noisy kids going door to door. My sister and i used to hide in the bedroom and beg our mom and aunt not to open the door to the other kids. One year we were convinced that trick or treaters were trying to steal our new baby brother so we held him tight and hid behind the door in the bedroom crying quietly trying to protect our baby brother.

Since i moved to the USA i very much enjoy North American Halloween. Hubby and i decorate the front yard, we go all out, we also dress up and give out candy.

Last year i had purchased a bumble bee costume and was planning on wearing it to work as well as to hand out candy at the house however our plans changed when we had our first foster baby placement, needless to say we didn't dress up, i was busy with the baby and hubby was in charge of the candy. This year i'm recycling last year's costume and turning into a bumble bee; all i still need to do now is go hide hubby's ninja turtle mask and hope he can be a little more creative this year.

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