Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Love - NaBloPoMo

First Loves are complicated more-so if you're under 10 years of age. When i was a child i had a crush on one of the neighbor's kids, only he wasn't a kid per se, he was a grown up, an adult. A lot of girls have crushes, we grow out of them eventually. I thought i was really in love with this person, i used to tell everyone i was gonna grow up and marry him one day. The day he actually got married i was so upset, i was crying; i stood there on the balcony and saw him come home with his bride and i was screaming that i hated her and that she wasn't pretty. Obviously everyone was just laughing along saying oh how cute i was. They told me i would grow up and find my own prince charming. My person of interest went on with his life with his wife and they had two kids who my sister and i baby sat. We really loved those kids and we used to fight over who will baby sit them. I wasn't a child anymore, i was a teenager. I did not know yet that some people can grow up to be not so nice. I had faith in humanity and trusted people. At that point i had realized that my crush was silly and i was over it; however the neighbor's kid who was now married with kids of his own apparently thought it's a good time to start showing interest in the now teenage neighbor. I never visited that house again.   

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