Friday, October 11, 2013

Don't ask me why i don't like Pie - NaBloPoMo

It doesn't really matter the type of pie it is, the whole pie idea is something i don't care for at all. To name a few reasons why, I'm not a big fan of warm/hot desserts,  I don't like mushy fruits and i'm not big on pumpkins. I don't know of anyone in Lebanon that made pies, i was introduced to pies when i came to the states. I've been invited to several Thanksgiving dinners and i've hosted a few but i never eat the pie. We buy it and i "forget" it in the freezer. I honestly never been tempted to try it. Someone at work the other day brought an apple pie so i ate a slice, i didn't want to say i don't like something without even trying it. I stick to my decision of not liking Pie. When i tell my friends i don't like Pie everyone says "oh you haven't tried so and so's home made pie" or "it has to be homemade" but no one has ever brought me a home made pie so until that day comes please don't feel the need to save me a piece of pie.

i googled i don't like pie; google suggests i should like pie, here are the results:


  1. HaHa! I love google! I don't like pumpkin pie for sure, so I can't blame you there. I guess it does make a difference where and how you grow up. For instance, I cannot imagine a scenario where I would willingly put flan in my mouth. Some people swear it's a lovely dessert though. And the idea of Jello with fruit floating around in it being served as a dessert and not as a punishment for a capital offense seems ridiculous to me. :)

  2. I kinda agree with you about the flan as well :)