Monday, October 21, 2013

Are you easily tricked? Do you fall for things? NaBloPoMo

I'd like to think that i'm not easily tricked but every now and then i find that i've fallen for false news or information, nothing recent though. I hate to say this but i'm the type of person that presumes people are up to no good until they prove otherwise and this trait of being suspicious all the time makes me question everything and everyone. Needless to say i google often, i question people a lot and get second and third opinions on everything.

Now back to information i've been tricked to believing are true here are some that i can remember; i can't pinpoint who has told me this but some of the false info i've fallen for growing up has to do with plants and oxygen and how plants basically give off CO2 at night in quantities so high that if you have a plant in the room with you at night you could die because it'll suck up all your oxygen; the only way i found out this info was wrong is when on one of the occasions that hubby brought me flowers he suggested he puts them by my bed and my reaction to that was, "are you trying to kill me"? you should have seen the look on his face, priceless.

Another story i believed and still do is that my belly button could get untied; Also that if i eat dairy products with fish i could get poisoned.

what are some odd stories you have fallen for?


  1. Too funny about the flowers! :-) I'm the same way, I trust very few people and have gotten into the habit of Googling everything before sharing it.

  2. I am the supreme definition of naïve. I believe anything. Just to put this to the test, my friend Amber came in our office one day and says in kind of an excited way "Did you hear they took gullible out of the dictionary?" I said "No!" She said "Yes! They decided it isn't a word. It doesn't meet some kind of guidelines that official words have to meet, so they just took it out. Said gullible isn't a word!" I was astonished. I called my mother that night and told her the amazing news. Only then was I clued into what a gullible moron I really am, LOL. Well played, Amber, well played!