Thursday, October 24, 2013

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." - Malcolm X - NaBloPoMo

when i first read this quote i felt like i'm back in school trying to write an essay; in school i kinda always went for the more abstract and grandiose assignments, if we had to pick between "discuss what you did during the summer vacation" and "men and women are created equals, discuss" i would always go with the latter subject. Now not being born in the States i'm not afraid to admit i have no idea who Malcolm X was so i had to do some googling.

Still googling.... Well it seems there's a lot to read about him so i'm just going to tackle the quote above and continue my reading at a later time.

As far as the quote above i believe it means people need to have a cause they believe in and fight for otherwise they would be just following along like sheep, they would be willing to sacrifice their lives and their beliefs in the face of adversity for just about anything and anyone. It means people need to do their own research and question their own morals before making any decisions and then make up their minds based on what they truly believe in and not because so and so told them to.  Standing for nothing happens when you have no conviction or strong beliefs about important matters in life so you just go with the flow since you have no standards of your own to compare things against.

You have to have values in life, we need to take a stand and not be scared to express what we believe in but also we need to be brave enough to admit when we are wrong. There are too many examples of causes that we need to take a stand on and should not be afraid to speak our minds in order to be politically correct or so other people would like us.

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