Monday, September 2, 2013

The Drunk Traveler

On the flight from DFW to Frankfurt, I was very happy with my accomplishment of being able to score a window seat but that just wasn't meant to be. Don't get me wrong, I got the window seat but at the same time my worst nightmare came true; The worst person possible was occupying the seat next to me. If I dare say he was the most obnoxious person I've ever met. 

First of all he reeked of alcohol, he was wearing stinky shorts and a not so clean sleeveless shirt. He started talking to me and I instantly got a bad vibe from him so I kept my answers to yes or no, then i put my headphones on and turned my head towards the window. A couple of minutes later he took his phone out while we are taxiing and started having a very animated phone call with his friend in German inserting a lot of "Mo-Fo" in the conversation. Anxiety level on my end started to rise as i couldn't see myself spending 10 hours next to this guy. 

There were a couple of babies on the plane who were crying right before takeoff and he was having none of that. He had a pissy attitude and at some point he started talking to one of the babies mockingly saying "you're not gonna do that throughout the flight right?"

Next offense: he has no awareness of personal space. One leg is in the middle of the aisle, the other leg in the space where I should be having my legs. His arm on the arm rest hanging over my seat. He was fidgeting non stop, touching the tray in front of him, opening it, attempting to close it several times unsuccessfully until a woman behind him offered to help. He was drunk. He started texting when we are seconds from takeoff. The flight attendant gently asked him to turn the phone off several times he ignored her, sent his text then put the phone in his pocket. She really had it with him and sternly said "OFFFFF, THE PHONE OFF!" and while she's still standing there he leans over to talk to the guy in front of him telling him to turn his iPad off cause "she's crazy"!

He became more grumpy and the mumbling in German continued; I'm sure he cussed at the flight attendant. He started humming, then pulling on the seat in front if him. Hanging over my seat to look out the window. The dude was a nightmare. He then turned to my side and proceeded to try and play with the tray in front of my seat and I can't believe it but I turned to him and said with the most sarcastic and mean tone I could muster "don't touch it". He was pissed and he mumbled in German, again I'm assuming bad stuff cause one of the words sounded like B I T C H - 

Anywho 10 minutes after takeoff he passed out, with his leg still hanging out into the aisle. The flight attendants were having to push his leg out of the way as they were trying to serve food. 

I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel as I started to dread how I I was going to be able to make my way to the washrooms when I needed to. Then an angel came to my rescue; one of the flight attendants tapped me on the shoulder and asked me "is this seat ok with you?" I shook my head no, she smiled and gestured me to come out of my seat. Hope, I could see hope. She helped me with my bag and took me back to the galley. She told me they've been watching the guy ever since he got on the plane and noticed he's been acting weird. Then she spoke what was music to my ears, she said "I have an aisle seat for you far away from this person, follow me". 

Life was beautiful again, I was going to sleep without being worried of getting molested in my sleep. 

... But the dream of peaceful sleep did not come true at all; see I was moved to the row right behind the bassinets and I hit the jackpot ding ding ding ding a 3 week old and an 8 months old baby were seated right in front of me, I know their ages because almost every passer by on the way to the restrooms chatted up the mommies and the babies.

Also not to forget to mention the hard of hearing elderly couple 1 row back to my right that kept arguing, him continuously asking his spouse to check out the window (it was an overnight flight) to see if we are over the ocean since that's what the monitor was saying, she shushing him and him asking her not to shush him!!!! 

At this point after only perhaps 1 hour of continuous sleep I very much welcomed motion sickness in order to have some quiet time in the washrooms.

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