Thursday, September 5, 2013

Journey Back in Time to My Boarding School

One of the things i was excited to do on my visit back home was to go back to my old boarding school to visit. Writing about the boarding school in my blog made me really commit to this visit and i tried really hard to make it happen. My brother had promised that we would definitely go visit after one of the Christenings but both Christenings came and went and it seemed the timing was not working out. My sister was feeling anxious about it, but i feel because i was so excited about wanting to visit she also caught the bug and we decided to actually make a special visit to see the convent and the nun who took care of us for years, Sister Ossanna. The priest that took care of Baptizing my nieces called the nuns and told them we would be visiting.

I don't remember Sister Ossanna being one of the nicest nuns around but again you can't be too nice when trying to take care of 60/70 girls under the age of 10. I believe we were not the most obedient kids around either.

We drove to the convent a little excited a little anxious. Going through the main gates everything seems so much smaller than i remembered... maybe us being all grown up changes the dynamics a little bit. I wasn't scared but the anticipation was undeniable. In the back of my head i was a little girl again and i was worried i was going to be left there. After a little misunderstanding with an employee who was adamant that no visitors are allowed we asked to speak to Sister Ossanna. She came out and man she looked exactly like she did some 20 years ago, just shorter, older, skinnier and more smiley. She was so happy to see us, she actually remembered my sister and i. She was impressed that we didn't forget how to speak Armenian. She hugged us several times. We caught up on where we are in our lives and she updated us on the School. It all seemed surreal as if i'm a ghost walking around in my old school. We asked if we could see some of the rooms where we used to stay but since it was summer and the kids were with their families we were only able to see the dormitories upstairs, a dining area, the church and the common hallways but she promised us if we go back to visit during the school year she would show us around the whole property. Next Time!!!!!

This visit was on my list ever since i came to the states and i'm so glad i got to share it with my sister since we spent years there together.

Here are a few photos from the visit.

The paint color is different from when we were there, it was blue/green, i like it better this way

our beds, i slept on the right and my sister on the left, the beds and nightstands are still the same but the blankets are different. There were no toys on our beds when we were there. The bell on the nightstand to the right is what the nuns use to wake kids up in the morning. 

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