Sunday, July 14, 2013

I can't think of a good title

I never thought i would  associate the word infertility with fortune but here we are;  I feel so fortunate that this has brought my husband and I closer together in our years of marriage. I know this process can destroy marriages/relationships, friendships, families and understandably so. What we're going through is an incredibly complicated emotional process and not one you can turn to just anyone for advice and support. Sometimes you just have to deal with it on your own because "no one gets you". For the most part we've agreed on everything throughout this journey but me being impatient that is hardest on my hubby. What may seem like a walk in the park for me is emotionally difficult for my husband and vice versa. Communication and understanding is key. I really appreciate my friends and family giving me space when I need it. Hopefully some day we will all get to take a break from this insanity whichever way this journey is resolved. 

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