Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sewing and Baby Making

I know i've been MIA for a while but i'm enjoying my time to myself. My family's visit has come to an end, they went back to their homes and lives back in Dubai and Lebanon and the only thing that's not letting me be super sad is that i will get to see them again in August.

Life has been busy, i have a lot going on, a lot that i don't feel comfortable sharing but for all who are interested we are still busy on the baby making/getting front, trying to make or acquire one (or two or three) by any means means that is :)

Don't get me wrong i want to talk about us wanting to have a baby all the time but i feel it's getting to the point where a  lot of people just don't want to hear about it anymore. I'm not looking for pity from anyone i just hope people acknowledge our pain and get educated on how they can support their friends and families that are in similar situation. Be sensitive to other people's feelings is the best advice i can give. When there is news to share i will share but for now please pray for us that our journey to parenthood doesn't take much longer.

Meanwhile, i've been enjoying my sewing machine, i wish i could learn fast enough to make all the things i want to make but for now i'm sticking to simple things such as baby quilts and receiving blankets. They are too cute and i want to keep them all to myself.


  1. Kaiser still needs one :) his 1st birthday is in 4 weeks.

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  3. Mary, i didn't get an invitation to his birthday :)

  4. well let me get right on that!