Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Facebook Detox

I honestly am not sure if any of my friends noticed or not, and not that it matters, but I've deactivated my Facebook account until further notice. Not sure how it all ended up that way; It's been a while that I just haven't been really "feeling it". That whole social, community, connection with friends vibe seems to have disappeared or maybe Facebook doesn't appeal to me anymore.

I'm not gonna go as far as saying I'm never reactivating the account. Initially I wanted to be off just for the weekend then Monday came and I felt I was genuinely anxious about turning the account back on. I like being in touch with all my friends with the touch of a button but at the same time I don't have much control over the content of what's showing up in my newsfeed and that's one aspect of Facebook that I don't like. I was enjoying being a part of photography groups but other than that I started feeling that Facebook is making me bitter, upset, sad and sometimes just angry all of which are feelings that are weighing me down negatively. It's time to reset and regroup. I will be using my google+ account for photos and will be updating my blog more often.

Hopefully this change will be a positive one and I'll have more time to focus on my family and myself.

My emails are still the same so is my phone number; if anyone is interested they can still reach me.

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  1. I still love you!! text me or call whenever! Love you!!!