Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm in trouble

Browsing on Pinterest, that opening line alone should be a big sign of trouble to come, I stumble upon this odd but beautiful looking little doll. At the beginning I wasn't sure of how I felt about her, so I researched her a bit and the more photos I saw the more obsessed I became... Must Have Doll... The trouble is these little missies, and I say little cause they are 11" tall, they are kinda pricey ranging in price from $60 up to $800 *sigh* makes me wish I knew someone who lives in Japan. I wish I knew about these dolls when hubby was deployed to Japan i would have definitely gotten a few, but for now, meet "Blythe", a doll with an oversized head and big eyes (Tim Burton style). The doll was first produced in 1972 in Japan, sold in the US only for one year and back again now starting 2003 on a smaller scale.

Here are a few photos I like.

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