Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Big Tease

Noah, my sister's little boy, is an adorable 2+ year old charming kid. Even though my sister lives in Dubai we grew pretty close thanks to Skype, we talked almost every weekend. i watched him grow up on my computer screen and he got very familiar with my face and my voice. I made him little videos singing his favorite songs so my sister could play them for him. He is a bright little thing; he associates couples, he could do that at about 22 months, so if you show him a picture of me he immediately says cookies and JJ, if you show him a picture of my brother he will say JP and Rita :)

So on to the teasing, it all began when he met JJ in Dubai and they bonded. Now it's all about JJ and I'm kinda jealous. If I'm visiting by myself and my sister asks Noah to tell me to say hi to JJ he runs to the door and start saying open open hello JJ, or points to the door and chants JJ's house.

If we visit together and I walk in first he will just zoom by me, run to JJ and hug his legs as if he is his long lost friend... I don't know if it's the beard but if it is I'm willing to try and grow one :)

Here's the little trouble maker ...