Wednesday, November 21, 2012

F1 Inauguration Race, Austin, Texas

This is something hubby and I have been wanting to do for a long time so you could imagine how excited we were when we heard that the race was coming back to the USA.

Let me start by saying it was great fun, it was everything we were hoping for and more. There was a lot of things COTA (circuit of the Americas) could have done better but considering this was their first attempt at this I'm gonna let them off easy.

We left home early Friday morning and headed to Austin, on the way there we took I-130 where the speed limit is 80, zoom zoom zoom, but also the cops were taking advantage of the people that were doing way over 80 miles per hour and they were pulling people over left and right.

The only hotel we were able to find affordable accommodations at was Howard Johnson, it wasn't that great but it was a clean bed and a hot shower, no complaints there.

We headed straight to our shuttle location. The arrangements were there was 2 shuttle locations one in downtown Austin and one at the Travis Expo center where we were assigned. Traffic was craaaaaaaazy to say the least so each day we adjusted our time to be there earlier. Even though there was a few thousands people attending the race everybody was very civil and they were very good at following directions given by the race organizers and event staff. The Merchandise was super expensive, food was even more expensive but hey most of these sporting events are priced to make lots of money in a short time. We met lots of nice people from all around the world. The cars are so loud even with ear plugs, next time I plan to buy some of those Bose noise canceling headsets because the in-the-ear plugs really are uncomfortable for long periods.

There was 4 races during the weekend; the Ferrari challenge (458 Italia), the Porsche GT3, the historic Formula 1 race and the Formula 1 race. All of them were super fun to watch and exciting. There was a Fan Fest organized in downtown Austin throughout the 3 days, we went and checked it out on Friday, it was quite fun and entertaining. There was also concerts at the end of each day at the amphitheater at the track, we caught the concert on Saturday Collective Soul, it was really nice. I would definitely want to go to the race in Austin again, probably not next year but definitely soon.

I got to watch Michael Schumacher race before he retires again and that was all I ever wanted.

If you are interested to know our picks and the results i was rooting for Sebastian Vettel and Hubby was cheering for Mika Raikkonen however neither won first place. Even though Vettel was holding on to the first spot for a while Lewis Hamilton was able to pass him and he won the race.

Hope you enjoy the photos from our little adventure.


  1. Dude, i'm the blue masked man with the mexican flag on the back!! it's been a real surprise to find that picture!!! we also had a great time there! take care dude!! nice pictures!

  2. Thanks. We enjoyed our time as well. how did you come across the photos/blog?

  3. i was looking for collective soul's pictures from that day, so i googled it, and suddenly we were there it was such a surprise to see that picture.