Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby Hunger

My friend gave me a book to read titled “Baby Hunger: Biblical Encouragement for Those Struggling with Infertility”. It narrates and analyzes stories of men and women in biblical times who struggled with infertility or loss of children. It also compares their stories to our current time. I don’t consider myself very high on the religious scale despite being raised catholic since it seems somewhere along the years I lost interest in organized religion. I do still have a relationship with God and all my Saints just not in the traditional way… yet that doesn’t change the fact that I liked this book.


The book is a short read and very to the point. The writer is basically telling the stories the way SHE imagines it happening back in the day. All in all a good book even though she lost me a bit in the adoption chapter. The Bottom line is that everything will happen “In Due Time”; HIS time; whether we end up getting pregnant, adopting, or just being at peace with a child free life things will happen “In Due Time”.  I like the way she compares Our Hunger for a baby to the way God feels about us humans, after all we are HIS children. I don’t want to go into details about the book but it was a good book to read and I feel it came to me at the perfect time. One thing i'm not so sure about is the idea that our stories have been written since before we even were conceived.


The book brought some peace to some of my concerns but opened the door to a whole new pile of questions. When do you know it’s time to stop? When will we know THIS is the child for us? Is it when things work out it means this was the child for us? I really want to stop analyzing every little thing in our life but going through infertility makes you Google every twitch and freckle “just in case it means something”; I even Google my feelings and thoughts about something to see if there are other people who are the same as me. In my opinion the book kinda gives you a way out if that’s what you are looking for; Essentially pray about everything, all the time, and if it’s in your cards it will happen “In Due Time” otherwise HE will help you find peace to deal with your prayers not being answered the way YOU want them to be answered.


A lot is up in the air and a lot to digest. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea that no matter what I do I’m still never going to be in control of what happens in my life. Does it mean if I go way out of my way to make something happen it will end up not being a happy ending because I forced the situation? I don’t know. Maybe HE wanted me to do it this way or maybe not! and by the way I'm totally not trying to be sarcastic. Where do we start taking responsibility for our actions and when do we blame it on "Our Life Story" that was written on our behalf before we were born?


Any religious enthusiasts out there who want to put in their 2 cents?


  1. I think that it is helpful to consider that as long as we are doing all we can to educate ourselves on the options available and then take that knowledge to God through prayer, He will support us in the choices that he gives us the agency to choose. I don't necessarily believe that our story is written for us, but rather He knows us as His children well enough to know the choices we will make. So we still choose our own way, but He has a plan for us if we will follow Him. I am applying to adopt through foster care after several years of dealing with infertility and am finally at peace...although I still have no idea which children I might end up with, I trust the way will present itself like you Due time. Best Wishes!

  2. I hear you, I understand, and I experience similar questions and struggles. That's all I want to say for now. You are not alone.