Saturday, October 27, 2012

You don't have a child so you wouldn't understand... Yeah

This is one of the most hurtful sentences you can say to a person that is struggling to create his/her family.

I'm a (well was) member of a "support group" on facebook. A woman (not sure of her age) was asking for advice on what to do since she is unable to sooth her 6.5 months old baby. From the comments on the post you could tell that all she wanted to do is whine/vent about it because she was making an excuse on why she can't do one advice or another offered by the group members. I clearly stated that i don't have children but we are in the process of adopting and reading a lot of parenting books they advise you to have an emergency contact to relief you when you feel you are getting too frustrated. This is not even parenting advice, it's just freaking common sense. Her excuse was she's a navy wife bla bla bla away from my family bla bla bla no friends bla bla bla so i stated that the military offers support if you are willing to reach out. Her response was "well not to seem rude but you don't have kids so until you do you wouldn't understand... so yeah".

I don't know why people think just the ability to reproduce makes them all knowing better people than everyone else on the planet. But that seems the case. I hate that i let it get to me this much. I guess when i stop crying i'll try to make sense out of things but for now i'm just hurt. 


  1. I pitty this woman to be honest as she sounds ignorant to say the least

  2. I have been subject to many insensitive comments over the years, myself, and I know the feeling of being mad for letting them get to me! We ride so many emotional roller coasters when we're trying to become parents, I think it is nearly impossible NOT to get upset about something like this. ((hugs))