Sunday, October 28, 2012

Foster/Adoption Update 10/28/2012

Just a quick update/recap on what's been happening on the Foster/Adoption front. Our agency has been sending us broadcasts since the first day we were licensed. We have so far submitted our file for 3 Legal Risk children from Region 6 - Houston Area (4 months old boy, 6 months old boy and an 11 months old girl). There is a very slim chance for a Dallas family to be selected for a Houston child but our agency thinks we may get lucky one of those days. It couldn't hurt to ask right? The worse thing they can do is not select us.  We also submitted our file for an 18 months old little girl from our County. 

The waiting is the hardest. I've been reading about families that have been waiting for a couple of years. I hope that will not be us. We get broadcast for children needing homes at least 2 to 3 times a week. We are also getting calls for Emergency Placements but for now we are being very choosy about taking this type of placements since there's little to no info about the children when we receive the call. In addition most of these types of placements are very short term till DFPS (Department of Family Protective Services) rules out any family members or relatives that are willing to take care of the children and in the case of children younger than 1 years old there are often family members available.

For those of you wondering what is Legal Risk Adoption?

Legal Risk Adoptions: This term refers to an adoption program that is only available in some states, where prospective adoptive parents are allowed to become foster parents to children before they become legally available for adoption. If the parental rights of the biological parents of these foster children are able to be terminated, then the foster parents are allowed to adopt the children. If the parental rights of the biological parents of the child are not terminated, then the foster parents are not allowed to adopt the child. This is the "legal risk" that the foster parents know about in advance, and which they are willing to assume in exchange for the possibility that they may ultimately be able to adopt the child. In some cases, a termination of parental rights will be intentionally delayed until a specific adoptive family has been identified that can meet the specialized needs of the chilren.

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