Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chinese Lanterns at the Texas State Fair

We've lived in Texas for several years and neither hubby nor i have had the pleasure to visit the Fair until this year. We made plans and were getting excited. We did not know how the day was to unfold. The day began with a ROCKY start and i mean that literally. There was a car explosion in Beirut that resulted in the deaths of 8 human beings. Sadly the National News Agency, Lebanese Media and International Media can't seem to find the names of all the victims because they are so good at their jobs; hint hint, check the hospitals, maybe??? just a suggestion. Sad and disappointed on so many levels my heart breaks.

Second bit of bad news was delivered when our friend sends us a text message saying Big Tex has caught fire at the State Fair and he is no more. Ok. Not a good day so far but we still have some hope.

We manage to leave work a little early and head in the direction of the Fair. If you've been to any State Fair you know they don't run cheap. Parking $15, Entry/Ea $16, we wanted to see the Chinese Lanterns Ea/$12 so we've spent $70 and we are barely through the doors. The vendors at the Fair only accept coupons so we plan on spending $100 between food, rides, games etc... FYI coupons are not refundable, you have to use them. We have been at the Fair barely 20 minutes we get a call from our adoption case manager. "I have an emergency placement, 11 months old anglo baby boy can you be at your house in the next 45 minutes"? We are floored but we can't get from Dallas to Fort Worth in rush hour traffic in less than an hour, it took us more than that to get to the Fair and we just got there. Bad Timing. We had to say no.

We try to enjoy the rest of the night. The hubbs was disappointed we could not find him fried twinkies. We had funnel cakes, corn dogs, and some other stuff. The Chinese Lantern exhibit was pretty nice and serene. It was exactly what we needed, to be away from all the screeches and squeals of the little children. We walked around a lot and eventually decided it was time to go home. On our way out we notice that the Stratosphere Ride was not operational, ask around to find out it lost power and the riders have been stuck on it for about 45 minutes at that point. We stuck around to try and watch the rescue but Dallas PD was not so keen on the idea of people taking pictures and they kept pushing everyone back. On the way out, 2 hours later, there was 10 fire trucks, 10 ambulances, a bunch of police officers watching the riders who were still stuck on the ride. I read in the newspaper they weren't rescued till about 3 hours into the ordeal by being lowered to the ground manually!!! i wonder why they could not do that from the start???

Anyways, here are some photos of a day i wish had a happier ending.

For photos of the Beirut Blast please see my previous post.


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