Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dubai 2012

We recently came back from a 10 day vacation to Dubai to see the family. All and All it was one of the best family vacations i've had. Usually i always overdo it, either have too much planned in too short of a time or i start just messing up eating all sorts of foods that my stomach is not accustomed to anymore, don't take my vitamins and don't drink enough water but this time around that was not the case; I made sure to keep to my usual routines, stayed away from raw foods, drank lots of water, just enjoyed family company and it was perfect. We ate out, ordered in, did some shopping, went swimming at the Ritz Carlton thanks to my BIL's brother, went to Wild Wady water park, hubby went to Ferrari World in Abou Dhabi and we had a family BBQ. We enjoyed a lot of time with our precious little nephew noah and made some great memories.

... and we took a lot of pictures :)

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