Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bona Dea

Update 01/21/13 - I have been taking this tonic for 3 months, I'm on my 4th bottle, not much to report. I didn't notice any change in my cycle. I still have 1 more bottle to go through and may get a couple more, I haven't decided yet.

Update: 10/12/12 - Just wanted to update the blog, i received this today and i started taking it. There was a sweet hand written note in the package. They are saying they usually have been seeing results in 4 to 5 months. Also, hubby will be seeing a herbalist and doing acupuncture. I will update the post when there's something to update.

Every time i say I found closure something drags me back on the baby making train obsession. I've lately had a few conversations with a couple of friends some have shared their struggles openly  and some prefer to keep their journey private; talking to them reminds of how devastating this journey is. I know i'm never going to be really over it, even if some day by some miracle we do end up getting pregnant all our anguish and struggles will not simply disappear. Today facebook proposed the following page for me Bona Dea. I've tried so many different supplements that i'm kinda on the fence on this one. It claims to be an all natural tonic but i can't seem to find any reviews online so i'm thinking it's pretty new. I will keep an eye on it. I know one of these days i will just break and buy it however for now i'm holding my breath hoping this product is as positive as they claim it to be and i will sure update this post when i do buy it.

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  1. Hello! We've been trying for almost 3 years. I'm taking Bona Dea too, this is my second bottle. It has made quite a difference in my cycle. I tried clomid for 5 rounds and none of them resulted in a pregnancy. Bona Dea has so far done a better job at regulating my cycles.
    If I were to keep up with any fertility treatment long term, it would be this product. Red Raspberry leaf is super good for women's health for a lot of reasons too!
    Good luck to you, sending lots of baby dust your way!