Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Overachieving Mamma To Be

I think of myself as a nice person in general but ever since i started on this obsession of becoming a mother i find myself being a little more judgmental towards myself and others. I feel i'm putting such high expectations for this journey that i spend my days analyzing what other mothers do and comparing what i would do if i were in their shoes. I judge mothers on what they feed their kids, how they talk to them, how they dress them, if they cuss and how many times, if they let them have soda...... and the list is endless.

I know i'm not the only one even though i can't find a lot of people writing confessions out there. I'm not trying to be cool by confessing i'm just trying to face my feelings in hopes of gaining some control before it's too late. In my defense i also am envious of mammas who have well behaved kids, i wish i knew their secrets. Some of my friends have said to me most of the times it's not the mothers fault, some kids are just different than others, i truly understand that aspect but sometimes i honestly think some parents simply don't try hard enough.

I think deep down i'm worried i'm going to mess this up, this most important job i'm going to have in my life that i'm being a little overbearing and i try to pick out people that are obviously doing a bad job to make myself feel better, saying things such as "this would have never happened to my kid" or "I can't believe she did this" etc...As if feeling superior has anything to do with how good of a job i can do.

I'd like to think i'm not the only person having this thought process otherwise it's a reason for concern and I'd like to hope that my friends and family will be graceful enough to talk behind my back lovingly if i end up one day going to the grocery store in my sweat pants.


  1. Cookita I want you to know that you're definetly not the only one who has such thoughts, I had this in mind & was worried about it long time before I even got married. Being in a big family like mine, let's you see different behaving of moms towards their child and lots of them made me feel I want to be totally different when raising my babies, I had this idea of being a perfect mom, I saw lots of wrong raising methods that made me distinguish the right from the bad, cause I saw those kids growing and what kinda of children they are now, but when I feel this is gonna happen soon I feel afraid to fail in this duty, it's a nightmare sometimes & a pleasure to think about in another, I have some rules & clear ideas about how to behave & raise my kids but the responsibility is bigger than you can imagine so I say no one is perfect, we're smart moms to be & we have the sense of loving & caring and this is so important, I think we still have lots of things to learn and I believe we can learn from our childrens more than we expect. So I say good luck for you Hayete and for all the moms to be,mwahhh

  2. Ratrouta thanks for sharing habibi, all we can do is try our best and hope it all works out!!!! Love you