Saturday, August 18, 2012


beep beep beep beep ....

This is what i've been hearing lately and often. Life is already full of a lot of noise be it in the house or out on the streets. The ceiling fan, the TV, the microwave, the alarm, cars honking, computers.... Add to that the life noise, my own life, work, family, friends. I've been of late feeling a little bombarded by unsolicited news and information specially through facebook. I love technology and i don't see myself giving it up for good but i do need a break to clear my head so this past Friday i unplugged. I logged off facebook from all the devices and i uninstalled the app from my phone and it's going to stay off for a while. I will check in every few days but for now i'm on a much needed mental holiday. If anyone needs to reach me i have an email and a phone let me know and i will send the info in a private message.

Talk to y'all soonish :)

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