Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parenting Gently

We've been doing a lot of reading recently and having a lot of discussions about what type of parents we aspire to be. Hubby and i grew up in such different environments and with such different parents needless to say there is not much in common in our upbringing. There are a lot of things we agree about and i'm so thankful for that because parenting is not something you want to do while battling with your spouse. We agree on the basics and that's what matters. We will figure everything else as we go.

I'm so blessed that my husband is such a playful person; you can say he's a big kid himself. He is great at telling stories, he can make amazing animals sounds and he is not afraid to act like a monkey if he needs to.

He is going to be a great daddy.

Bottom line is we want to raise confident, independent and loving human beings that know their rights and responsibilities. We really hope we will have the patience and the stamina to stick with our plans. This is one of the websites that i've been visiting and i found quite a few blogs that i will be reading in the next few months.

Don't get me wrong i'm not saying we are going to be extreme on either side of the spectrum, however we really believe that being entrusted with the future of a child is such a responsibility and a joy that we want to do our best to raise a happy child.

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