Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mini Pride Classes Completed

Today was our last class in the Foster/Adopt adventure. The class went by real easy and fast, we didn't even notice time go by. As usual our instructor had lots of examples, exercises and discussion. The Focus of this class was mostly about sexual abuse. We read and discussed 3 cases that actually have happened. What i can say is people who do things like this are sick, disgusting and subhuman individuals.

At the end of the class we got a visit from a couple of adoptive and foster parents. The kids were to die for, the age ranged from 6 to 10 months old. They parents shared their experiences with us, their ups and downs, their fears and joys and mostly they volunteered invaluable advice. The stories they shared about their kids are just heartbreaking. I can't wrap my head around how any human being can mistreat, abuse or neglect a helpless child. I'd like to think these people don't know what they are doing cause that's the only way i would be able to stop myself from just falling over from complete shock.

Next step is the home study. We are done with our paperwork. I believe we gave the agency everything they needed from us, all they are waiting on right now is the FBI background checks to come back. We are overly worried about the home study. We are half way through child proofing our house, still need to install some cabinet locks, medicine box lock and shortening the cords on a few blinds. We have 2 fire extinguishers, all our alarms work and we have nothing blocking the exits.

We're looking forward to the next phase, and being very optimistic. We feel God's hand is in this with us. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and the positive vibes, keep them coming.

My friend posted a photo today on my page that i'd love to share. It says "So far, no morning sickness.... But  the paper cuts are terrible" - Phase 1 was completely full of paperwork and we don't expect the next step to be any different. Once we have a placement we are expected to document every little thing the kids say and do.

Also heads up, we were told we are not allowed to share kids pictures on social networks until they are officially ours so once we get a child unless you meet them in person you won't probably know much about them or  be able to know what they look like for a while. I don't see any way around this restriction.

I will keep everyone posted once the home study starts.

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