Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman

It's a beautiful movie. The End.

You thought i was just going to leave you hanging right there? didn't you? On to the Pros and Cons

Snow White is a classic; The story that is not this movie. I have not seen the Disney version of it just read the book and I always wanted more info on the evil queen, such as how evil is she? what exactly does she do in her spare time? and i got my answers in this movie. Apparently she likes to take milk baths, who knew? kidding aside the cast is very talented (yes, even Kristen Stewart did a good job on this one). Charlize is an amazing evil queen, she is so evil and so good at it. Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor aka The Huntsman needs no reviews from me. The costumes are very well done. Plus the movie had a few funny moments. Overall i liked the dark take on this version of the movie.

It's a bit long 2 hours 10 minutes and you feel it. It's definitely way better than Mirror Mirror but it still leaves you with some questions, for example why is the evil queen bathing in milk? Also as hard as Kristen Stewart tries i feel she has a mannerism that she carries with her to all her movies, i can't explain it but it feels like Bella is still part of her.

Not a bad start for the summer season.

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