Saturday, June 9, 2012

Foster to Adopt Class 1 - Emergency Behavior Intervention

Today was our first official class in the Foster To Adopt Process, Emergency Behavior Intervention, aka Discipline. Except for the one same sex couple present, JJ and i were the only couple in the group without any children, some had as much as 7 kiddos. We met some really nice people with generous hearts; we also met some people that honestly should be retiring in Florida at this point instead of adopting children but who am i to judge?

The instructor read us some examples of cases they receive on a daily basis, most of them are just so sad. We were told that all the shelters in our County and the surrounding counties are full. Same goes for Foster Homes. I don't know what happens to Children that no one is willing to take, it breaks my heart.

After introducing ourselves we dove right into the nitty gritty. Besides the obvious things that every person with a little common sense should know here is a summary of how CPS would like Foster Parents to Discipline Children.

You should have Time In instead of Time Out
You should Take Time Out (In) as much as you give Time Out (In)

No Physical Punishment - ie no spanking

Create House Rules (not too much and not too little, they should be positive, action oriented and specific)

You can use physical restraint as a last resort to discipline a child
(we practiced techniques such as block and basket hold)
A person in the class recommended a book called 123 Magic
Even though it was a long day, hours wise, we didn't feel the time go by. We participated, asked questions, threw in some humor, mingled and passed the test at the end of the day. 

Before leaving we were given more paperwork to complete and turn in prior to or at our next Class.

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