Saturday, June 23, 2012

CPR/First Aid

Part of our training to become parents through adoption is being certified in CPR and First Aid. Today was the day we got our training. My husband had been previously certified in CPR several times but this was my first class. It turns out i'm no good at resuscitating an adult since i couldn't get the dummy to click so i firmly instructed my hubby to make sure nothing happens to him when we're alone :)

The First Aid part of the class was not as bad, we were learned about BBPs, communicable diseases and how to tend to simple wounds, cuts, bites and injuries. 

We were tested on everything we learned in the class and of course we passed.

My favorite part was at the end of the class we got to do almost an hour of Q and A that was very informative. I love our group; all the families seem to have an abundance of experience in child care. I think i will get the contact info of some of the families to keep in touch with them and ask for help when needed. 

Our Case Manager (CM) advised us to start getting our house ready slowly so we don't have to do everything in a rush. She wants us to start interviewing child care providers and get sleeping arrangements taken care of  for the age range of the child we will be adopting. 

I was under the impression that we may have time to prepare ourselves when we get matched with a child but since we are adopting through Foster Care our CM said we may be contacted at any time and have to be ready within a few hours notice to accept a child so we at least need a bed/bedding. We have a pack and play from when my nephew visited last summer which we will be using in an emergency until we purchase a crib/bed depending on the age of the child. I see a late night's trip to Walmart in my hubby's future.

We already covered all the unused electrical plugs and plan on baby proofing the cabinets and drawers in the next few weeks so we can get used to living the way we would be when a child is in the house.

In the next few months we  should be purchasing an infant Travel System (car seat/stroller) and/or a convertible Car Seat. I shared some of my concerns in the class about how awkward it feels to think about and start purchasing baby items when there is nothing concrete as to the date of A Child's Arrival but everyone in the Class including our CM reassured us that it's only a matter of time. 

Fingers Crossed!

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