Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Ignore Infertility - At Least ...

Don't Ignore Infertility...

this is something i've been thinking about writing for a while and since it's National Infertility Awareness Week, from April 22-28, 2012 it seemed appropriate. living with infertility i got to meet a lot of beautiful people, strong women from all over the world who i admire and respect. some of these beautiful spirited women have gone through so many horrible adversities struggling through infertility that i can only compare it to nightmares yet they are still there for each other day in day out cheering on and oozing positivity. talking to some of my acquaintances i noticed that a lot of people that have not experienced infertility or that don't know anyone who has, think that infertility is limited to either a woman can't get pregnant or that when she goes through and infertility treatment the worst end result would be a negative pregnancy test.

in this post i'm going to list some of the side effects of infertility and/or infertility treatments to give a little more insight about infertility treatments. if there is a term you are not familiar with please google it because there's no way i can fit all that info here. I'm  not going to even attempt to list the number of doctor visits, injections, probing and blood donations.

Clomid - moodiness/bitchiness and multiples -you just want to strangle everyone around you
Lupron - Say hello to early Menopause
FSH - Follicle Stimulation Hormone - Expanding Ovaries and Waistlines - they both hurt
OHSS - Ovarian Hyper Stimulation - not a good thing - excessive fluid leaks into the abdominal cavity causing extreme bloating, nausea and shortness of breath - the worst kind can get you hospitalized for days
Progesterone - Grumpy, dizzy, edgy, bloated oh and constipated
Ectopic Pregnancy - when pregnancy happens outside the uterus - it comes with a trip to the hospital and may cause one to lose a fallopian tube - that is hoping the dr can locate where the pregnancy is growing
Blighted Ovum - is when an embryo implants but fails to develop which qualifies as a miscarriage
Spontaneous Abortion - miscarriage for no apparent reason while under 20 weeks
(miscarriages come in all shapes and forms and at any stage of the pregnancy, some happen naturally and some need hospitalization)
Cancers - sometimes if women are predisposed to cancer cells all the hormone injections may accelerate the growth of cancer cells
Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Insomnia -  Self Explanatory
Marriages Suffer 
Family relationships suffer
Bank Accounts Suffer Greatly

Multiply the above list with however many times some women go through treatments. Some of the ladies i've met have been through all of the above or a big combination of the above over the course of several years.

The saddest part of it is that sometimes i tell myself "At Least i didn't have to go through [insert item from above list] .

I urge all my friends to be informed about their fertility and speak up.  (Basic understanding of the disease of infertility.) (About NIAW)

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  1. O man this is so intense, especially knowing my very own sister has gone through it all and in some ways still is; having discussed it endless times, never knew however it felt this bad, God this is unfair