Sunday, April 29, 2012

Al Wadi Café

I was feeling very homesick this last week and i thought maybe if i have some Lebanese food it will hold me over till i'm able to go home to visit. What a crazy notion it was. I had heard of Al Wadi Café recently which is strange since it's so close to where we live and yet we seem to always go to Dallas for Lebanese Food.

We went there for Lunch and i was pleasantly surprised. This is a place i wouldn't be ashamed to take friends to. It is the closest to Lebanese food i have tasted (besides what i cook) in the states so far. i decided to try the buffet so i can sample the foods and JJ went for the Shish Taouk, his favorite! I was in the middle of tasting all the mezza and nodding with approval to hubby that all of it tasted really good, when they started playing one of Nancy Ajram's songs and i burst into tears. It was one of those hysterical crying/laughing episodes. JJ is looking at me and asking me if i'm ok (he knows i'm homesick), i'm crying in my hummus and saying sure i'm ok (thinking to myself certainly these restaurant owners have people breaking into tears in their restaurant every day). The place was packed yet strangely no one was staring, as if they knew.

Long story short the food is fantastic, if you live in Tarrant County you got to go try this Place. I command you.

Tabboulé and Fatoush were perfectly seasoned - JJ commented that the Garlic dip is no LaLa Chicken Garlic
The French Fries were obviously made from scratch and freshly fried
The Rice pudding was good But the Baklava was no Sea Sweet

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