Thursday, March 8, 2012

trying a healthier lifestyle

People who know me know that i like healthy foods, it's not a deliberate choice i make, it's just how i eat. People who know me also know that hubby and i have been trying to have a bambino or bambina for a couple of years now. We tried the medicated route first just to say that "we tried" but we quickly found out that route is not for us. Money and Religion aside, it's invasive and it's too stressful (i came out of that experience with anxiety and insomnia that i'm still working on flushing out of my system). It's just not for me.

Long story short, for now we agree the best plan for us is to try the natural route, we are eating healthier, exercising, taking a lot of supplements (when i say a lot, i mean a lot), and we are hoping to start acupuncture in a couple of months. I'm also planning on seeing a nutritionist to help me gain some weight, in my OB's opinion i may be functioning on survival mode... Here's a list of what Hubby and i are taking;

Me -in the AM
Fertile CM
Royal Jelly
Maca Root
Raspberry Leaves
GNC Multi Pack (50 Plus)

Me -in the PM
Vitamin C

Royal Jelly
Maca Root
Omega 3

GNC Men's Multi Pack

and we both drink Amazing Grass, an all natural drink powder (superfood)

As i browse all the natural fertility blogs and websites the common tip i read is that natural fertility takes time, it's a lifestyle and not a quick fix. With God's help we can have a positive outcome; if you want to get somewhere all you got to do is start walking, right?

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