Saturday, March 24, 2012

How was your day?

this is going to be a little longer than usual but plenty of pics inside so bear with me. we had quite the busy day today; started off at 7:00 am by picking up our basket from the bountiful baskets it was quite the basket for $15 i'm certain we will be ordering veggies and fruits from them again. the only thing i wish wasn't in the basket was asparagus, yuukkkkkk!!! but hubby suggested i can always juice it so i will try it liquified and then judge.

After we dropped off the groceries at the house we went out for Breakfast. I was craving Belgian Waffles so away to IHOP it was and i got my oh so delicious Waffles.
Our initial plan was to go to the Dallas Auto Show and we were not going to miss it (having bought the tickets in advance kinda helped making the decision for us) so off to our annual outing to smell new leather and ooooh and ahhhhh at cars we can't afford. 
Hubby was looking at getting more info about the Subaru BRZ, a quest that wasn't fulfilled. 
But we got to see some beautiful motorized works of Art.

Audi - Always Beautiful

i love oldies


Lexus LFA - Can you say Yummmmm!

A few hours later i was tired and ready to go home but we still had to go get some shopping done so on to Sara Bakery for some Lebanese groceries. We stopped at the little deli/eatery they have right next door and had some Shawarma Beef Sandwiches. I must say out of all the places i tried in TX so far these sandwiches tasted the closest to the Lebanese ones.

Now i was most definitely ready to go home, Hubby started me on a new Green Lantern audiobook that apparently i fell asleep to in the car... so Happy to finally be home...

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  1. You have very good eyes for photos taking. Love the angles you chose. Looked like you have a lot of goodies in your basket and had a very nice Saturday. The picture at the end made me smile.